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Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Last year we got so many apples from our small orchard! At first I was a little overwhelmed but I began to find so many uses for them. I used my free hours during naps for weeks to make gallons of freezer applesauce, frozen apple pie filling, baked apple rings and more. You can imagine we had a LOT of apple scraps hanging around and I didn’t want to let…

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complete in love

“may all of your days shine brightly and your nights blessed with peace wherever you lay down to sleep all things are made good for those who believe may you grow from a seed into a strong, fruitful tree as the days unfold hold your breath to see life is a mystery and joy, it is severe when the way is rough and steep love will make your days complete”…

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instagram vs. reality

it looks like a perfect moment, doesn’t it? but do not be fooled! this morning was so tough. we dealt with behavioral problems, resistance, tantrums, disobedience. it seems to me that it’s become kind of taboo to talk about disobedience. but i feel that lovingly cultivating an obedient heart is one of my most important roles as a mother. it’s something we work towards on a daily basis. based on…

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be here now

the days are winding down, the days where we will be a family of four. i find myself caught between longing for this baby to make his arrival soon, and hoping he will wait as long as possible to join us. i so look forward to meeting him, holding him. i so look forward to watching my toddlers become big brothers. but… our family will change, forever. we will never…

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must haves for 1 year old twins

What do you need for 1 year old twin toddlers? This short answer is 2 of everything that you’d need for a single toddlers! Key point being that toddlers don’t seem to like to share. While I’d like them to learn to share eventually, for right now I’m focusing on protecting the peace by providing double! We live a pretty simple, minimalist life. That said, here are a few things…

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toy rotations for babies

One of the things that scared me most about the prospect of parenting was the eternal mess. I am a very clean, tidy person. I like things to be organized. I like my home to be a place of minimal chaos. Enter twins. Enter chaos. Don’t get me wrong. I have come to love the mess, because the mess means family, it means life. I see the beauty in the…

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Papablic Pacifier Sterilizer

This portable pacifier sterilizer is fantastic for traveling with a baby! It can be used in the car or on the go and sterilizes pacifiers using UV light technology in 60 seconds. This sterilizer fits two bibs pacifiers and comes with a wall usb charger. I don’t use it too much at home, but it is a travel essential for us! Shop Pacifier Sterilizer  …

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pacifier travel essentials for babies

At one year old, Finn and Eli are still using pacifiers consistently for sleep. At some point soon, we’ll start to phase them out, but for the moment pacifiers are definitely a travel essential! These are my favorite pieces for keeping our pacifiers clean and handy while traveling! BIBS Pacifiers We’ve tried a handful of different pacifier and BIBS have been the definite favorite! They are high quality, eco-friendly, and…

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swimming essentials for babies

My boys love playing in the water! It is one of our favorite activities in spring and summer. Since it is so important to keep them safe from the sun, here are some of my favorite pieces for UV protection for babies on sunny days. Sunscreen I love Badger Active sunscreen for my babies. It has a natural, mineral based ingredient list (Non-Nano Uncoated Zinc Oxide (18.75%) and Organic Sunflower…

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nursing friendly spring and summer wardrobe

Biggest surprise of motherhood for me so far : How To Get Dressed. I know, it’s not what I expected either. But for a girl who used to wear short fitted dresses with tights pretty much 24/7, it hasn’t been easy to adjust to the real world of nursing friendly clothes that look alright when baby wearing and are decent to sit on the floor and play with my babies.…

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