essentials for newborn twins

My husband and I tend to have a very minimalist lifestyle, and that has extended into how we’ve purchased baby items for our twins! I really don’t like having extra stuff laying around in my house, and I can’t stand clutter. So we’ve worked hard to keep our purchases to a minimum and only buy what we really need!

I wanted beautiful things that genuinely helped and that didn’t add chaos to our home. I knew we’d have enough chaos with two baby boys! So here are the items that I loved using for newborn twins. It’s a pretty short list, actually. Some of these items are expensive, but I’ve felt good about investing in them because we’ve gotten so much use out of them!

moses baskets for twins

I loved having  moses baskets for my twins! It made it easy for them to sleep in whatever room I was in at the time. When they were first home from the hospital, I slept them together in one basket. They graduated to separate baskets around the time they were two months old!

Tadpoles Moses Baskets

baby wrap or carrier

Babywearing is a complete lifesaver with newborn twins! I only did single carries at first, but there are some great options for tandem wearing newborns as well. It is a fantastic way to bond, and so calming for both mama and baby. When my babies were newborns, I mostly opted for my hybrid wrap, solly baby wrap, or moby wrap. Once they grew a little bigger and had more neck strength, I switched to soft structured carriers from Sakura Bloom.

Moby Baby Wrap for Infants

snuggle me lounger

The snuggle me loungers are a great option for those times when you can’t hold your baby! They are not safe for unsupervised sleep, but my babies loved resting in them.

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger


Both my babies loved being swaddled! We used them for nighttime sleep as well as naps. I love the Swaddle Me swaddles because they close with velcro. It’s much more secure than a traditional muslin swaddle, so it’s hard for the babies to wriggle themselves free. We used the preemie swaddle me swaddles at first, and sized up to the  0-3 months swaddles  to use between 2-4 months. At that time, my babies started rolling and we switched to sleep sacks.

Swaddle Me Original Swaddles

Elvie Pumps

Elvie pumps cost an arm and a leg, but they were such a good investment! Up until my babies were 4 months old, I was doing a mix of pumping and breastfeeding them. Pumping is quite a time investment, and it was so convenient to be able to have my hands completely free while I was pumping!

hands free Elvie pumps

burp cloths

You can never have too many burp cloths! One of my babies had terrible acid reflux. We easily went through 10-12 burp cloths a day. I love using these bamboo cloth diapers as burp cloths for twins! They are so soft and super absorbent. I tried several different kinds, and these are absolutely the best!

bath gear

Since tiny babies need a lot of additional head support, I found that using a bath sling made bath times so much easier! We purchased this inexpensive piece. My husband installed a hook in our shower and we hung it there between uses to dry. We also had two baby towels, washcloths, and sensitive baby soap!

zipper footies

I didn’t learn this until fairly recently, but zipper footies are AMAZING. Seriously. If you are buying footies for your babies, buy the ones with zippers rather than snaps. They make diaper changes SO much easier! I love these ones from Burts Bees. They’re so soft and have the cutest patterns!

Burts Bees Zipper Footies


I’d also highly recommend checking into lovevery, they produce great toys for every developmental age! We’ve really loved our play kits!


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