favorite toys for 9 month old twins!

It’s so important to provide engaging play for babies! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very minimalistic by nature. I just don’t like a lot of clutter in my house!

So I’ve been very careful as we’ve slowly introduced more toys to my twins. During the first six months of their lives, the toys we offered them were mostly teethers, soft animals, and board books. More recently, we’ve branched out into some fun open-ended toys for the twins!

These are some of the items I’ve recently purchased that my babies have loved!

Haba Shaking Eggs

I love these beautiful Shaking Eggs for Haba! One of my little guys absolutely LOVES things that shake and rattle and make noise. I wanted to provide hime with some fun options for exploring his love of sound, but I also didn’t want something that was going to be too loud and completely deprive me of my sanity. These little eggs are so perfect! I love that they will also be a great addition to imaginative play down the road as well.

Shop Haba Shaking Eggs

Mushie Stacking Cups

These stacking cups are hands down my babies’ favorite toy! They get so much joy out of knocking the tower over! They haven’t figured out how to stack the cups yet, but that will come in time. I love that this toy is easy for them to share. They take turns knocking the cups over, or can each plan with whatever color captures their interest. They make great bath toys as well! These cups from mushie are excellent quality and I love the pretty neutral palette.

Shop Mushie Stacking Cups

Rainbow Stacker

This rainbow stacker is another fun toy! It isn’t as much of a favorite as the stacking cups, but my babies love the bright colors and unique arc shapes. I appreciate that it brings a little bit of nature into our play set!

Shop Wooden Rainbow Stackers

Hope Shape Sorter

I love these shape sorters from Hape! this particular shape sorter is excellent quality. The posts are attached to the body, not by glue, but by elastic ropes. This makes it much less of a hazard should a child fall on it! It also makes the sorting process a little more challenging. I also love that TWO babies can play with this at once. The perfect toy for twins!

Shop Hape Rainbow Shape Sorter

French Masters Board Books

These French Masters books are so lovely! I was a little disappointed to find that they are actually written in English (I had ordered them hoping they would be a French edition!) However, I love that they make it so easy for me to introduce my babies to great art, and the little poems that tie the paintings together are pretty and rhythmic.

Shop French Masters Board Books

Hape Wooden Plane

This Hape Plane was too cute to pass up! I love the quality of Hape products, and the design of this one is so much fun! My boys have been enjoying figuring out how to roll it across the floor.

Shop Hape Wooden Plane

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