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what we got our twins for their first birthday!

Your baby turning one year old is such a special occasion! Okay, maybe it’s a little more special for the parents than the babies? For my twins, it was just another day. For me, it was the anniversary of their very special birth and brought me so many memories of their first few days of life.

While we weren’t able to celebrate with friends, we did have a special day with just our little family. I baked the boys a semi-healthy (but also delicious) baby safe birthday cake with einkorn flour, we spent the afternoon at a local park, and of course we picked out a few special gifts for their first birthday!

Since our approach to life is pretty minimalistic, we picked out a handful of high quality montessori style toys for them. We chose a couple of more costly baby birthday gifts that they will be able to enjoy playing with for several years to come, and that can be passed down to any future children we may have. Then we picked out a few smaller gifts that are more specifically appropriate to their current age and personality!

Here is what we got our twins for their first birthday!

Hape Scoot Around Bike

We purchased one of these adorable four wheeler scoot around bikes for each of my twins! At just 12 months old (10 months adjusted), they are a little too small to really use these yet. They love them all the same, and have been really enjoying pushing them along while they crawl around the house. They’ll be riding them before too long and I think they’ll really love that experience!

Shop Hape Scoot Around Bike

Little Climber

The little climber was a combined gift from both sets of grandparents, and so far our little guys love it! This is another investment toy that they will be able to grow into over the upcoming months. At the moment, they can climb on the rock climbing wall and the first rung of the ladder. It won’t be long before they’re making it up to the top though!

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Hape Walker

The hape walker was another gift from family, and this is probably the most age appropriate toy for them right now! They love the little bobbly toys on the sides and back of the walker, and it is just the right height for them to push it easily around the house. The current favorite activity in our home is for Eli to sit in the box of the walker while Finn pushes him around the living room. I can’t recommend this one enough as a birthday gift for twins! Always take necessary precautions if you are using a walker in a house with stairs.

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Dinosaur Blocks

These wooden dinosaur blocks for babies are such a cute addition to our montessori toy collection. They were very moderately priced, are excellent quality, and the boys love them!

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Little Masters Board Books

Mini Masters is one of my favorite board book collections for the boys! I love how easy this set makes it for me to introduce them to great art. We had preciously purchased the mini french masters collection, and I ordered the original mini masters collection to complete the set for their birthday!

Shop Mini Masters Board Books

Picture Books

We love reading and books activities, so of course the twins birthday was an opportunity for us to pick up some more picture books for them! They love the all around bustle town collection. These are full size board books! I’ve found large board books are hard to come by, but so great for twins as we can all look at it together without fear of damaging pages!

Shop All Around Bustle Town

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