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We had so much fun playing at the park today! Finn and Eli are starting to be so interactive. They have loved swinging for a while, but today they also climbed on the structure, went down the slide (with help. Eli was in ecstasy over the slide) and Finn got to play in the lake (he was in seventh heaven, a total water baby). I’ve never seen them so happy and excited to explore their surroundings!

The transition from baby to toddler is approaching quickly. Their world is growing, their horizons are broadening, and they are so ready for it. I’m perhaps a little less ready. It’s not easy watching your babies growing up, feeling somehow like the time is just slipping away and you cannot hold it captive.

But days like today give me a beautiful glimpse of the future I have with these little boys. So though I’m a little sad that those tiny baby days are far behind us, I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. I’m starting to feel ready for my babies to become my toddlers.

Here are my essentials for park days with the twins!


Normally I prefer to tandem baby wear my twins, but for park days having a stroller is a huge convenience! It is a great place to store snacks, blankets, and extra layers. I like just bringing a single stroller and popping the other baby up on my back. The BOB jogging stroller is by far my favorite!

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Baby Carrier

I never go anywhere without my baby carrier from Sakura Bloom! I own two scouts, two ring slings, and one onbuhimo. For park days, I find putting one baby in a scout on my back and the other in the stroller is the easiest way to get around. Ergo babies are also a great options for safe and comfortable baby wearing!

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Mission Mighty Me Puffs are the boys FAVORITE easy snack! They love these things. And I love that they are a good, safe way to introduce peanuts early on. Also, can you believe that price tag? Usually baby snacks are so expensive, but these are really affordable!

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Picnic Blanket

I like having a picnic blanket with us as it gives us a place to regroup after play. If my twins are feeling shy, overwhelmed, or tired, we can have our own safe place to sit down, play some quiet games (sometimes I bring books or another blanket for peekaboo!) have snacks, and regroup before going back to play more!

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