twin pregnancy

twin pregnancy first trimester

After the initial shock of finding out, I truly loved being pregnant with twins.

The excitement, the wonder, the unknown. I was perfectly content in my dreams of what life would be like, and full of a special, secret, joy. Mentally, it was the most intensely wonderful time of my life.

But physically… it was really difficult. Especially the first trimester. I dealt with a combination of extreme fatigue and extreme morning sickness that made life pretty miserable.

Morning sickness is caused by a rise in hcg and progesterone levels. Those levels get pretty high with a single baby, but with multiples…they skyrocket. So its expected that twin mamas will deal with some pretty bad nausea, and I certainly did.

I really don’t remember much about my first trimester with twins.

I have hazy memories of laying on the couch with a thermos of icy water, a smoothie, and a bag of dried mangos. I tried to get out for a walk every morning, then  took a long nap and rested for most of the rest of the day!

Thankfully, despite my morning sickness, I was able to meet all the weight-gain recommendations for twin moms. My first trimester was relatively smooth–both babies continued to grow on-track, my body seemed up to the task, and with my long torso, I didn’t even start to show until around 17 weeks!

If you’re dealing with morning sickness from pregnancy (which I hope you’re not!) check out these tips on natural remedies for pregnancy nausea!

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