complete in love

“may all of your days shine brightly
and your nights blessed with peace
wherever you lay down to sleep

all things are made good
for those who believe
may you grow from a seed
into a strong, fruitful tree

as the days unfold
hold your breath to see
life is a mystery

and joy, it is severe
when the way is rough and steep
love will make your days complete”


i’ve sung it every day. every day, for the past two years and two months, i’ve sung it over my two tiny children and prayed it with joy and gratitude. now i have a third child to sing it over.

every day, i watch them grow from tiny seeds into little shoots. in not so very long they will be trees in their own right.

my journey to motherhood was rough and steep. we waited and prayed and grieved and have known much sorrow. and the joy is severe.

but perhaps every mother’s journey is rough and steep? the daily journey from morning to night, as you continuously give of your body and soul and heart to create a home for these precious souls? yes, indeed, the days can be rough and steep. but then for us all the joy is severe should we care to look for it. and love, true love, does make our days complete.

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