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instagram vs. reality

it looks like a perfect moment, doesn’t it? but do not be fooled! this morning was so tough. we dealt with behavioral problems, resistance, tantrums, disobedience. it seems to me that it’s become kind of taboo to talk about disobedience. but i feel that lovingly cultivating an obedient heart is one of my most important roles as a mother. it’s something we work towards on a daily basis. based on…

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be here now

the days are winding down, the days where we will be a family of four. i find myself caught between longing for this baby to make his arrival soon, and hoping he will wait as long as possible to join us. i so look forward to meeting him, holding him. i so look forward to watching my toddlers become big brothers. but… our family will change, forever. we will never…

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favorite parenting books for twins

“The beautiful infant frame is but the setting of a jewel of such astonishing worth that, put the whole world in one scale and this jewel in the other, and the scale which holds the world flies up outbalanced” -Charlotte Mason I love Charlotte Mason‘s beautiful ideas about both childhood and motherhood. I always feel so refreshed and full of courage to love and care for my boys after reading…

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