tiny house nursery for twins

When my twins were born, we were living in a tiny 500 square foot granny suite on my parents property. We had two spaces: one that served as a kitchen, dining, and living space, and one that served as a bedroom. With such a small space, we had to get pretty creative when it came to setting up a nursery!

We chose to buy a simple, classic crib and push it up against our own bed. We fitted it with an organic mattress and cozy jersey organic crib sheets. We also borrowed two wicker basinets from family. I decided not to spend the money on organic bedding for the bassinets, as I knew the babies would likely not spend much time in them! Instead I picked something pretty that matched our color scheme.

The end result was basic, easy to clean, pretty, and perfectly suited to our babies’ first few months of life.

Best Crib for Twins

We chose this beautiful, classic crib by Ikea (also available on Amazon!). It has infant and toddler settings and is so well priced! We paired it with a hypoallergenic mattress and some cozy organic cotton jersey sheets by Burts Bees baby. I can’t recommend the sheets enough, they are so soft and cuddly! Definitely one of my favorite baby purchases. We chose just to set up one crib. Twins are womb mates, always together, for nine months. They always seem to sleep better and feel more peaceful when they are next to each other, so we just rolled with it and let them share a crib.

Moses Baskets for Twin Nursery

Moses baskets are such a versatile addition to any nursery space for twins or singletons. I love that they are portable, beautiful, and can easily contain a baby if you need your hands free for a moment or two! Our babies were small enough to snuggle up together in the same basket, and we let them do that quite frequently. We knew we would be traveling when the babies were very young, and we were able to take our moses baskets instead of a porta-crib when we were visiting family or traveling with twins! I lined my baskets with this beautiful grey moses basket bedding by Tadpoles and heather gray bassinet sheets by Burt’s Bees!



Special Stuffies

Of course, no nursery is complete without some special stuffed animals! We love jellycat stuffies – they are so soft and comforting! We bought two for each of our little boys, a bunny and a leopard. The leopards are now their particular favorites! Remember to follow safe sleep guidelines! Stuffies are only for play, infants should never have them placed in the crib with them for sleep.


Swaddles for Twin Nursery

Our twins loved to be swaddled as newborns! These velcro swaddles by swaddle me were my favorites to use before the twins started rolling. They are soft, breathable, and most importantly–convenient! They helped my babies sleep so well and are so easy to put on. I also love these beautiful muslin swaddles by Oliver and Rain. We use these for receiving blankets, car seat covers, stroller covers, and even burp cloths if there’s nothing else on hand! They are soft, breathable, and have really fun patterns!


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