our favorite pacifiers and pacifier clips for twins!

I hadn’t initially planned on using pacifiers for my twins. But the standard practice at the NICU my babies were in was to offer soothers to babies to help them develop sucking reflexes. So after 18 days on pacifiers, my husband and I just decided to go with it and use pacifiers as needed.

I honestly don’t know how we would have survived the newborn phase without them! Our twins used them for sleep, car rides, and to calm down while waiting for a feed. Now that they are ten months old, we are gradually (VERY gradually) working on weaning them from their pacies. We still use them for nighttime sleep and car trips, but I try to avoid offering them between naps, and instead find other ways to help them calm down as needed.

We tried several different brands of pacifiers and several pacifier clips before settling on some pieces that work really well for us!

Here is my favorite combination

BIBS Pacifiers

The BIBS pacifiers are my babies’ absolute favorite! Made in Denmark from BPA-Free natural rubber, they are a great option. I love the neutral colors, and my babies really enjoy sucking on them! We buy the iron and sand color combination. I love that they aren’t bulky or cheap looking!

Silicone Bead Teething Clip

I love using silicone bead tethers for pacifier clips! They are lightweight, durable, and double as great teethers. These ones from MORIBOX have been my favorites so far. The White-Grey combination is bright and pretty, and matches perfectly with the Iron-Sand pacifiers by BIBS!

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