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must haves for 1 year old twins

What do you need for 1 year old twin toddlers?

This short answer is 2 of everything that you’d need for a single toddlers! Key point being that toddlers don’t seem to like to share. While I’d like them to learn to share eventually, for right now I’m focusing on protecting the peace by providing double!

We live a pretty simple, minimalist life. That said, here are a few things that I consider to be essential to get us all through the day!


Toddlers absorb everything! It’s so important to start nourishing their curiosity and creativity during these years. I love reading to my boys, and I love seeing how they have responded by loving books in return. We read a variety of chapter books and picture books for babies in French and English. I was once told “read to your kids as much as you can joyfully and faithfully do” and that has been my philosophy for the past year! Sometimes we only fit in 5 or 10 minutes but if we have time throughout the day I squeeze it in wherever I can! These are three of our most loved books:

Shop the Wonderful Things You Will Be

Shop We are The Gardeners

Shop Winter Dance


Play is so important for baby development! I love lovevery play kits because the boxes are customized to your child’s age. The quality is fantastic and I would say they have definitely been Finn and Eli’s favorite toys. They offer the perfect amount of challenge!

Shop Hape Walker ! If you follow us on Instagram, you know how much my boys have loved this walker! This is definitely the number one toy I would recommend for twin toddlers, or any toddler really!

Shop Hape Bike

Shop Lovevery block set!


If you are doing baby led feeding with your toddler, you’ll need some practical blw essentials like a silicone bib, high chair, suction plates, and toddler friendly utensils. We love the weighted straw cups by munchkin for lots of water throughout the day and sippy cups by Dr. Brown for the occasional green smoothy!

Shop Silicone Toddler Suction Plates!

Shop Silicone Bibs!

Shop our favorite toddler utensils!

Shop Weighted Straw Cups


Every family does sleep differently. We’ve recently transitioned from a floor bed to cribs, and that is working really well for us! We don’t use pacifiers but our boys love sleeping with their little stuffed leopards from jellycat.

Shop Jellycat Stuffed Animals!


Finn and Eli love their daily bath! We use Burt’s Bees fragrance free baby soap. Also, dental hygiene is important at this age! We use Tom’s fluoride free training toothpaste and Mushie finger toothbrushes for dental hygiene!

Shop Fragrance Free Soap

Shop Baby Toothbrush

Shop Flouride Free Toothpaste

Obviously we also have a LOT of clothes! Mealtimes can be very messy so extra outfits is a must! I’ve also learned that it’s easier to feed them without clothes on…. I know, I know. But anything to escape extra laundry!

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